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Flow-coating and spraying circuit for wooden windows

The challenge with this system was to place the required
workpiece dimensions and coating measures while have very
limited space, mainly a limited ceiling height.

In the flow-coating and spraying circuit the parts are transported through the application systems with a Power&Freeconveyor and cached for suspension and drying. Due to thisflexible technique the system can be operated in an efficient way with low personnel costs. For optimum drip-off after theflow-coating process the parts are automatically put in adiagonal position within the flow-coating circuit.The impregnation and priming is applied with a flow-coatingcentre consisting of the system flowcomat P+ for quick changeof paint if different glazes are required and the system flowcomat P for impregnation.The parts are manually taken down for the grinding processand suspended for applying the top coat.The top coat is automatically applied with a paint robot equipped with online workpiece recognition in a separate spraying circuit.

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Range + Heine GmbH
Lise-Meitner-Str. 3
71364 Winnenden

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